What is a Step and Repeat Banner?

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What is a Step and Repeat Banner?

When it comes to publicity, the backdrop can make a bigger impact than you initially might perceive. A step and repeat banner has an effective punch that can make event pictures go from blah to brilliant and lead potential customers to remember you when they’re hunting for just the product or service that your company happens to offer.  They are versatile, come in a variety of materials, colours and font styles, and can be altered to suit your particular needs.

So what exactly is a step and repeat banner?

You’ve no doubt seen them but maybe just didn’t realize what you were looking at.  A step and repeat banner is often used as a backdrop in which brand logos or some type of emblem is repeated across the entire banner. They are most commonly used during fashion events or red carpet events.  You may also see them at weddings or for special gala evenings to give some extra flare to photos.  Imagine your wedding guests taking pictures in front of a large, elegant banner with the couple’s names repeated in script across the background and you get an idea of how well it could be incorporated into a fun night.

What types of materials can be used to create a step and repeat banner?

Typically this type of banner is made from vinyl banner or polyester fabric.  Step and repeat banners are often hung on a stand-along frame that telescope to different lengths depending on your backdrop size.  Polyester sublimated fabric tends to be the most durable and often results in the most beautiful, vibrant pictures. The fabric sublimated step and repeats also absorb a camera flash rather than reflect it.  Other options like vinyl banner can be less expensive, however they reflect camera flashes, are harder to store and maintain and are significantly heavier. In budget applications, poster paper is sometimes chosen, however it usually doesn’t last until the end of the event as it is easily damaged due to the high amount of traffic in front of it.

What other uses are there for step and repeat banners?

Obviously the most important result from a step and repeat banner is to get a company’s name out there to the public, so these types of banners are also very successful when used at trade shows or conventions.  They can be seen on display at grand openings of stores or restaurants, for demonstration backdrops, and, as previously mentioned, for a fun photo op at weddings and other celebrations.