History of the Pride Flag


History and Current Symbolism of the Pride Flag The original Pride Flag was designed by a man by the name of Gilbert Baker in 1978. Baker, originally from Kansas,  worked as a designer in San Francisco. Baker was an openly gay activist for gay rights. Baker was commissioned by his friend and co-activist for gay rights [...]

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Three Tips For Designing For Fabric Printing.


  How To Design For Fabric Printing. Not getting the lifespan you were hoping for out of your flag? There are a few things we can do during the design/production stage that can help the flag last longer. Help your flags last longer when designing for fabric printing. Not getting the lifespan you were hoping for [...]

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Single Sided Flags Vs Double Sided Flags


What good is a Backwards Flag Anyway?  Double Sided vs Single Reverse Flags This is the question we often hear working at a flag printing company, Single reverse flags often called single sided flags are the most common flag design.This is where the design is printed correctly on one side of the flag and the ink [...]

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The Different Types Of Flags


The Different Types Of Flags A flag isn’t just a flag; it’s a proclamation of the things most important to you! Whether you proudly fly the emblem of your nation or want to promote a business or special cause, flags get attention. Do you know the different types of flags? Did you know there are many [...]

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The Tradition of Half-Masting


Flying a national flag at half-mast has become a symbol of mourning for countries across the globe. It is how we show our sympathy for loss, either in our own nation or in solidarity with others. It’s a common act with many policies that seem traditional today. However, half-masting got started in a surprising way.   [...]

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Canada 150: The History of Our Flag


With Canada’s 150th birthday upon us this year, there has never been a better time to learn more about our country and celebrate its history. In the 150 years since Confederation, Canada has grown as a country into what it is today: a place where people from all around the globe come together to enjoy freedoms [...]

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