What is a Step and Repeat Banner?


When it comes to publicity, the backdrop can make a bigger impact than you initially might perceive. A step and repeat banner has an effective punch that can make event pictures go from blah to brilliant and lead potential customers to remember you when they’re hunting for just the product or service that your company happens [...]

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The Different Types Of Flags


A flag isn’t just a flag; it’s a proclamation of the things most important to you! Whether you proudly fly the emblem of your nation or want to promote a business or special cause, flags get attention. Do you know the different types of flags? Shapes of Flags Chances are the first shape that comes to [...]

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The Tradition of Half-Masting


Flying a national flag at half-mast has become a symbol of mourning for countries across the globe. It is how we show our sympathy for loss, either in our own nation or in solidarity with others. It’s a common act with many policies that seem traditional today. However, half-masting got started in a surprising way. History [...]

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VOTE YES! On coroplast signs


Every Successful election depends on coroplast signage. Coroplast is short for corrugated plastic which is a plastic version of cardboard.  Coroplast is light weight, durable, rigid and affordable. Coroplast signs are used for lawn signs and temporary light duty signage. When coroplast signs are paired with a wire h step stake they are also a staple of [...]

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Canada 150: The History of Our Flag


With Canada’s 150th birthday upon us this year, there has never been a better time to learn more about our country and celebrate its history. In the 150 years since Confederation, Canada has grown as a country into what it is today: a place where people from all around the globe come together to enjoy freedoms [...]

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Parks Canada Canada 150 Banners


Aurora Flags is excited to have partnered with Parks Canada to be printing their fence banners for the Canada 150 Celebrations. These banners will be found in all the national parks across Canada from British Colombia to Newfoundland. This summer you can see them for FREE with free admission to all of Canada's national parks. For [...]

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Veterans Voices of Canada Project


In 2015 Aurora Flags and Banners worked with Veterans Voices of Canada to help supply several hundred Canadian Flags to their Flags of Remembrance initiative.  Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance is an annual cross-Canada initiative that gives tribute to our 128,000 Canadian killed and missing in action from the Boer War to current. On each pole there is [...]

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Servicing Red Deer


At Aurora Flags and Banners we Service Red Deer and surrounding areas with custom flags, stock flags (Alberta and Canada Flags), custom banners, windsocks, flag poles and more. Being located in Edmonton, we have grown our customer base and work with many clients in central communities including Red Deer, Black Falds, Sylvan Lake and more. We [...]

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Servicing Fort McMurray


At Aurora Flags and Banners we service Fort McMurray and surrounding areas with custom flags, stock flags (Alberta and Canada Flags), custom banners, windsocks, flag poles and more. Being located in Edmonton, we have grown over the years to provide our services to many northern communities including Wood Buffalo and Fort McMurray. Some of our Fort [...]

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Everything you need to know about Flagpoles!


Fiberglass? Aluminum? Oak? Tilt Base? what is a finial anyway? you may have realized that there are as many different kinds of poles as there are flag choices.  Choosing the right flagpole for your home,business or office can be a daunting task. Here we explain the key differences in picking the right product. Install and repair [...]

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