Commercial Flag pole FAQ

Flagpole FAQ

Aurora Flags and Banners is in the business of supplying all types of flag poles across Canada. Most commercial flagpoles are needed by municipalities, infrastructure projects like schools and hospitals and other large corporations. We ship flagpoles in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and extend further to the Maritimes and the northern territories.

Purchasing a flagpole can be daunting. Give us a call at 1 800 903 8372or email us at to chat about your needs and we can help you identify what the best pole is for you.

We offer commercial installation services in the Greater Edmonton Area please contact us for more information. 

What size flag do you need?

A flag should always be at least 1/4 of the length of the flagpole

36″x72″ 25’ flagpole
45’’ x90’’ 30’ flagpole
54’’ x108’’ 35’ flagpole
6’ x 12’ 40’ flagpole
6’ x 12’ 45’ flagpole
10’ x 20’ 50’ flagpole
10’ x 20’ 60’ flagpole
15’ x 30’ 70’ flagpole
15’ x 30’ 80’ flagpole

How Tall Should My Pole Be

There are no rules for how long a flag pole should be, but generally 3-4 metres longer than the height of the building that it stands in front of is a good recommendation. The most common  commercial flag pole length is 25’-30’ for a standard 3’x 6’ Canadian flag.


Finial-The ball or cap topper of your flag pole.

Halyard- The rope system for your flagpole, we offer two styles internal and external.

External Halyard- The rope is located on the outside of your flag pole

Internal Halyard-Lock & Key System keeping your flag safe from theft and vandalism.

Tilt base-The tilting base is slightly more expensive, but very useful for maintenance and repair of internal components. We highly recommend the tilting base with our aluminum poles. The tilt base is standard with fiberglass poles.

Collar- the ring around the base of some flag poles.

Truck- Pulley system for your flagpole.

Cleaning your flagpole

To keep your pole looking great we recommend cleaning it on occasion with a mild household detergent. a rusty or dirty pole can damage your flag.

Repairs and replacement parts

Aurora Flags and banners offers repair services and part replacement on both Ewing and Formenta flagpoles. All flagpole parts are non refundable and special order.

Aluminum Commercial Flag Poles

Aluminum flagpoles are our most popular commercial poles. The are manufactured in Canada by Ewing Flagpoles.

Aluminium flag poles have quickly become the industry standard due to the lightweight and high strength of the poles. Aluminium flag poles are built to last and are designed to have a  lifespan of over 25 years. Each flag pole is sold as a complete kit which includes the aluminum flagpole (1 piece), the base, anchor bolts, base shield, halyard, ball or cap topper and all clips needed to fly a flag.

Light weight and high strength, aluminum flagpoles combine functionality with a classic brushed satin finish. Aluminum flag poles are maintenance free, corrosion resistant, lightweight and low cost.

Ewing Flagpoles include:

  • Revolving finial (cap or ball)
  • Internally mounted halyard
  • Counterweight
  • Keys
  • Plastic clips (for easy attachment of flag )
  • Stop ball
  • Installation manual

Aluminum poles age gracefully and do no degrade like steel or wood poles. Our designs optimize the flagpole strength by correlating butt diameter to wall thickness and flag pole height. Aluminum poles can be custom manufactured to fit your purpose and size. Our poles come standard with an internal halyard system, ball top finial , fixed or tilt base and base cover.

Aluminum  Flagpoles come in 5 ’ increments and start at 20’

Common Sizes: 20’, 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’ +larger

Aluminium Flagpoles Installation

Install is easy with Aluminium flagpoles. The flag pole comes will everything you need except the concrete.

In a nutshell, all that is required for install is for a hole to be augured and filled with concrete with the anchor bolts set in place according to the supplied template. Once the concrete sets you just stand the pole on top of the anchor bolts and install the flag.

Please be aware that Ewing flagpoles ship from Ontario and that you should factor about 1 week for the pole to ship to your location.

Fiberglass Commercial Flagpoles

Our beautiful  fiberglass Formenta Flagpoles are  Swedish-made and designed to last for generations. Every single detail in a Formenta flagpole is therefore carefully chosen. All fastening elements are made from hot-dip galvanized steel for optimal durability, and the halyards are especially made to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Fiberglass flag poles are widely used in coastal areas and locations with high humidity. The great strength to weight ratio of fiberglass makes it lighter than many steel and aluminum poles but just as strong. Fiberglass poles are only available in the tilt base system.

Formenta Flagpoles include:

  • Hot-dip galvanized tilting hinge base
  • Revolving finial (acorn)
  • Internally mounted halyard
  • Counterweight
  • Keys
  • Plastic clips (for easy attachment of flag)
  • Stop ball
  • Installation manual


-Hardware noise is almost non existent, our poles have built in silent shaft technology.

-Attractive stay-white finish that will never rust.

-Fiberglass flagpoles have”wind memory” They flex and maintain their original shape with winds up to 50mph . When an aluminum pole bends, it never returns to its original shape.

-average weight is 44-50 lbs

-truck rotates with the wind to always keep your flag looking amazing.

Please be aware that Formenta flagpoles ship from Ontario and that you should factor about 1 week for the pole to ship to your location.

Spec Sheets, Drawings and Pole Installation Information

Want the engineering drawings, spec sheets or bolt patterns for these poles?
Just fill out the form below and we’ll make it happen.

Commercial Flag Pole Comparison Chart

                  Aluminium Flag Pole         Fiberglass Flag Pole
-Most popular commercial flagpole -Second most popular
-Height can be custom manufactured to fit your size and purpose

-No maximum height

-20’ to 30’ ships in one piece

-35’ to 45’ ships in multiple pieces, easier shipping

-Height can be 20’ to 40’

-Maximum height  40’

-Ships in one piece

– Different finishes: brushed satin is standard but many other to choose form -Solid white finish
-Fixed base is standard – needs a bucket truck to repair

-Optional tilt base is available for additional cost

-Tilt base is standard – does not need a bucket truck to repair
-Choice of ball top or cap top -Standard acorn top
-More expensive -More economical
–    Heavier – Lighter
-Can last up to 20+ years.
-Comes with 1 year warranty
-Can last up to 20+ years
-Comes with 15 year warranty
-Suited for extreme weather -Suited for extreme weather
-Needs professional installation -Needs professional  installation
-Ewing Flagpoles – made in Canada -Formenta – made in Sweden

Flag Installation and Protocol


How do I install a flag?

  1. Run the halyard, or rope, through the pulley at the top of the flagpole and the cleat at the bottom.
  2. Attach snaps (found in most hardware stores) to the halyard. Loop part of the rope, passing it through the bottom hole of the snap, putting the loop over the top of the snap and then pulling the rope tight. Place two snaps on the halyard to hold both the top and bottom corners of the flag.
  3. Tie the two ends of the halyard securely so that the rope forms a continuous loop. There is no special knot to tie; just make sure it is tight and not so large that it is prominent against the side of any attached flag. The knot should be located in between the two attached snaps.
  4. Clip the top snap just underneath the toggle in your flag. Tie off the bottom flag rope to your bottom snap. Using a rope and toggle system is traditional in Canada. The extra rope in the spine adds strengh and durability to nylon flags.
  5. Raise the flag up the pole to be sure the halyard is working smoothly. The flag itself should be raised briskly.
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Find the official etiquette  for the Canadian Flag here

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