Building Community in Grande Prairie

Serving Peace Country since 1989.

Aurora Flags and Banners was established in 1989 in Edmonton (formally known as House of Flags) and has been servicing Northern Alberta ever since. Weather we’re supply Canada Flags
to the City of Grande Prairie, Printed street pole Banners for the Town of Valley View or working to produce products for businesses in Peace Country, Aurora Flags has always been a
trusted source in Northern Alberta.

Aurora Flags is a specialized custom fabric printer for the purposes of marketing. What does that mean? It means that the vast majority of work we do is on fabric. Think flags, banners, canopy tents, back drops and more. What does this mean for you? It means that we have focused all of our efforts in one area and have perfected our craft and process in order to provide our clients with the best experience possible.

Some of our clients in Peace Country include:
City of Grande Prairie
Weaver Welding
Town of Peace River
St Andrew’s School
Farm Credit Canada

What We Excel At :


  • Custom flags
    Traditional flags as well as feather flags and tear drop banners
    As our name suggests, this is what we do. It is our bread and butter and what we are most known for. We make custom flags, banner blades, feather flags and teardrop flags.
  • Custom Banners
    Fabric banners, vinyl banners, street pole banners
    street pole banners and vinyl banners of all sizes (on some materials we can print 16’ wide on a single piece without a seam…so there’s nothing too big)
  • Custom Trade show displays
    Our fabric trade show items range from custom backdrops and booths to table throws, canopy tents and retractable banners.
  • Custom Windsocks
    As one of the only companies in the County that print custom Windsocks (Northern
    Alberta is our largest customer base for this product) we understand the importance of
    knowing the wind speed in an industrial context. We supply custom printed windsocks for many
    clients in the Grande Prairie region.
  • Commercial Flagpoles
    We offer both Fibreglass and Aluminum Commercial Flag Poles


What We Offer

Aurora Flags focuses on custom fabric printing for marketing purposes. What does that mean? It means we focus our efforts in a small range of products and thus we are able to perfect the process for everything we make. There is a reason why we can produce flags faster than anyone else.

FAQ About our Grande Prairie Service Areas

Oh… we know. The great thing about flags is that temperature has very little to do with how long they last.
The most important factors to the longevity of a flag is the amount of UV exposure (think 18-hour daylight in the summer) and the amount of wind and rain it’s exposed to.
The same goes for our vinyl products like banners as well. As long as they’re installed well (and don’t whip in the wind) the temperature shouldn’t affect the longevity.

Shipping times to most major Alberta Destinations is 1 day. Depending on what you order, how many of them and what time of year it is will all affect the turnaround time. If it’s just one flag we might be able to turn it around in a week or less for you. If it’s a product that is more intricate like a backdrop, hanging halo or tent, we may require more time.

 Most definitely. We ship small items like flags to PO boxes in the Grande Prairie area all the time. We also ship large flagpoles by transport trailer to remote oil sites and farms in the area as well.

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