One of the most important questions we are asked by our customers is “how do I create a custom flag or banner?” Here are a few helpful hints to get you started. This guide is geared to flags and fabric printing but the process for  creating all of our custom products is similar.


What is a Flag Used For?
Flags are used by a ton of different organizations for different purposes.
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Should I Make my Flag Double Sided?
Our most popular flag finishing is single reverse. We don’t recommend double-sided flags.
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What’s the difference between Grommets and Rope and Toggle

Rope and toggle:
Rope and toggle is the flag standard for flags in Canada and the United Kingdom
All of our nylon flags are finished with rope and toggle by default.

Grommets are the American Standard  for mounting flags.
All of our polyknit flags are finished with grommets. by default.

A two inch sleeve is perfect for a one inch indoor flag pole.
Available by special request.

How Fast Can you Print?

Most fabric options and large signage projects can be finished two weeks from proof approval. Vinyl products and small signage can be finished typically in a week.  Are you in a bind? Contact us directly at 780.450.4173 and we will do our very best to come up with a solution.

I just need one flag? can you help me?
We sure can. We have no minimum orders on custom fabric printing.
However, vinyl and small signage is subject to a $125.00 minimum.

I’m a sign shop do you offer wholesale or re-seller pricing?
You bet! Learn more about Aurora’s Print Partner Program

I need a bunch of flags do you offer bulk discounts?
Absolutely. Chat with us about our package discounts, bulk ordering options and wholesale inquiries.

Do you rent flags or hardware?
Aurora no longer offers rental services.

Do You offer installation  or repair services?
YES! We offer commercial installation and flagpole repair services please contact us for more information.

I’m not located in Edmonton can I still order?
YES! We offer low shipping costs across Canada. Check out some of our Western Canada Print Projects. We offer fast and competitive shipping options for most of our products.

How Do I Order a Custom Flag, Banner or Sign?


Step One: Inquire online, In person or by calling us.
Choose a product or chat with one of our representatives who can help match you with the right solution. If your product is a rush or you have a special event coming up please let us know!

Step Two: Artwork
Design your artwork as per your products template. Need help setting it up? NO PROBLEM! there are no setup charges for placing your artwork on our templates as long as it follows our
artwork requirements 

If your artwork is not in vector or you need additional design work done we will include a free art consultation in your quotation.

Artwork can be set to us via email or WeTransfer to  your Aurora rep or to our general inbox info@auroraflags.com

Step Three: Your Quotation
You are provided a free no obligation quote on your product.

Step Four:  Payment Information
We require a 50% down payment on all custom work. We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit, and cash in store OR Visa and Mastercard via our online payment gateway.

Step Five:
You are provided a final proof with one free revision for your project. Once the proof is approved we move your project into the production queue.

Step Six:

Receive your custom product.
Show it off on instagram with #auroraflags or @aurora_flags.

Not in Edmonton? No problem! We offer fast shipping solutions across Canada! 

We ship via:
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Flag Sizing and Care Information


We are often asked how long does a flag last? It’s really hard to say but there are some ways that you can help make your flag last longer. A flag left up for three months represents about  2,184 ‘flying hours’. Six months 4,368 hours and twelve months 8,760 hours of ‘flying’ time.

Withstanding wind, rain, sun, ice, pollution….flags take a lot of abuse.

Remember, a flag is made of fabric material. Flags in open areas, or on taller poles are more subject to fraying, Flags in urban areas are more subject to damage from dirt dust and pollution. Your flag works hard but it is not bulletproof.

The flag on the Peace Tower in Ottawa is replaced every single day. This isn’t practical for the average person but there are a few steps you can take to prolong the life of your flag.

Beware of high winds

Wind velocity at the top of your flagpole is usually much greater than at ground level.
If you notice your flag is getting beat up remove it until the weather calms down. The taller your flag pole is the higher the wind velocity, flags can often reach speeds of over 120 kms an hour!

Wet flags can’t fly

When you take a wet sheet out of the dryer it’s heavy and awkward. Now, Imagine that sheet 20′ in the air and you can see why flying the flag in the rain is a bad idea. The extra weight and tension on the flag effects its lifespan.

Washing Instructions.

Our flags can be machine washed in cool water and hung to dry. Do not dry-clean. Do not fold a wet flag as it may crease.

Trim and hem those edges. 

Inspect your flag regularly for signs of wear. The fly end of your flag will wear first, Trimming off and re-hemming torn or frayed ends will help extend the life of your flag. Don’t double hem those edges, It adds extra weight to the flag.


How Big Should I Make my Flag?
Industry standard flag sizing in Canada is 2:1.
The most popular default flag size is 3’x6′

Outdoor Commercial Flag Pole 20’ 27″x54″,36″x72″
25’ 36″x72,45″x90″
30’ 45″x90″,54″x108″
35’ 54″x108″,60″x120″
40’ 60″x120″,72″x144″
Indoor Flag Display 8’ 36″x60″, 36″x72″
Wall Angle Mounted 6’ 27″x54″
8’ 36″x60″, 36″x72″

For the finishing of indoor flags, we recommend using a flag with grommets instead of the Canadian standard of rope and toggle.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? ask us about our variety of custom options.

3’x5′ flags are popular in the United States and you will still see this size quite often for rodeo flags or waving on a parade pole at a sporting event. Learn More

Printing and Design Info


Are you Flags Digital or Screen Printed
By default our flags are digitally printed but on large runs (over 25 flags) with three colours or less we can offer screen printing. Here are a few tips for designing for fabric printing.

Should I Make my Flag Double Sided?
Our most popular flag finishing is single reverse. We don’t recommend double-sided flags.Learn More

How Do I Create Artwork?
We ask for artwork to be submitted at 1:12 vector scale art. If using a photograph we ask for a minimum of 150DPI at 100% size.
See tech specs

Can you make the Artwork for me? 
Stuck? We offer graphic design services.

How do I send Artwork?
Artwork can be set to us via email or WeTransfer to  your Aurora rep or info@auroraflags.com

What’s the difference between Grommets and Rope and Toggle

Rope and toggle:
Rope and toggle is the flag standard for flags in Canada and the United Kingdom
All of our nylon flags are finished with rope and toggle

Grommets are the American Standard  for mounting flags.
All of our polyknit flags are finished with grommets.

What substrates do you print on?

Fabric-For Flags, Banners and other fabric display options we offer a variety of different materials Our most popular materials for flags are 115GRM polyester and 200D nylon.

Signs-For signs we offer coroplast, crezone and di-bond. Additional substrates are by request.

Can you Print on my material? 
We cannot print on customer supplied fabrics, it upsets our machines.

I’d like a flag of a (rock band, sports team, cartoon, celebrity, famous logo) can you do it?
Yes and no. If you are ordering on behalf of the company (for this example let’s use the Edmonton Oilers) YES we can IF you are representing the Oilers or have written permission from the Oilers we would love to create a custom product for you.

We cannot print unlicensed Oilers merchandise. No matter how badly you would love a giant flag of Connor McDavid to hang on the wall. No, Not even if you try to order a “Monner McCavid” flag or promise that nobody will ever find out. Sorry.

We can only reproduce licensed artwork with the express written permission from the owner

Flag Installation and Protocol


How do I install a flag?

  1. Run the halyard, or rope, through the pulley at the top of the flagpole and the cleat at the bottom.
  2. Attach snaps (found in most hardware stores) to the halyard. Loop part of the rope, passing it through the bottom hole of the snap, putting the loop over the top of the snap and then pulling the rope tight. Place two snaps on the halyard to hold both the top and bottom corners of the flag.
  3. Tie the two ends of the halyard securely so that the rope forms a continuous loop. There is no special knot to tie; just make sure it is tight and not so large that it is prominent against the side of any attached flag. The knot should be located in between the two attached snaps.
  4. Clip the top snap just underneath the toggle in your flag. Tie off the bottom flag rope to your bottom snap. Using a rope and toggle system is traditional in Canada. The extra rope in the spine adds strength and durability to nylon flags.
  5. Raise the flag up the pole to be sure the halyard is working smoothly. The flag itself should be raised briskly.
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What kind of flagpoles do you offer?

We offer both commercial and residential flagpoles.

Check out our commercial flagpole guide



Find the official etiquette  for  Provincial flags (including where to pleace visiting country, custom and municipal flags here

Find the official etiquette  for the Canadian Flag here

Still Need More Info?

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Isabelle Comeau, Parks Canada

Over the last four years, I have truly enjoyed working with Jabir and his team and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for their services.

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