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Feather Flags, Banner Blades and Tear Drop Flags

Custom Printed Feather Flags, Banner Blades, Tear Drop Flags- One Product With Many Names!

Custom Printed Banner blades, Teardrops flags and Feather flags are all essentially the same product. Each name merely describes a certain style of the same feather flag product. All the feather flags, tear drop flags, banner blade and rectangular flags share the exact same hardware and are sold in “small”, Medium” and “large” sizes.

Custom printed Feather flags are great road-side marketing tools. Often used by retail stores with street frontage, these flags attract attention to promote your message. They are also used in a variety of indoor applications like tradeshows and signage within malls or commercial corridors.

Our high-quality custom printed banner blades and feather flags are made from the same material we use to make outdoor flags. This means that your banner blade will stand up to the elements and stand the test of time. We use either 200D nylon or knitted polyester to make our feather flags. Our tear drop banners are available in double sided or single reverse, with single/reverse being the most popular option.  The banners also some with either a ground spike (for installed in grassed areas) or a cross base (for ground that cannot be penetrated). Each base option is s different price, so be sure to tell your representative how you will be using the feather flag and we can advise which option would be best for you

Depending on what artwork you would like printed on your feather flag, there are certain styles that can be more conducive for special purposes:

  • Banner Blades are ideal for larger amounts of text due to their wider shape
  • Tear drop Flags tend to last a bit longer as they do not have a fly end flap that waves in the wind

Aurora Flags offers multiple sizes in all of our feather flag styles. Please see below for our banner sizing chart.

Feather Flags Are Great For

  • Trade show displays
  • Event marketing
  • Retail marketing
  • Schools
  • Cities and Towns

For more detailed information how to pick the correct Feather Flag, Banner Blade or Tear Drop Banner: Check out our blog post.

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Sizes and Specifications For Custom Feather Flags/ Banner Blades and Tear Drop Flags

Our advertising display poles are the most durable and highest quality on the market. These flexible poles are made of a flexible graphite and fiberglass composite.
Our bases have rotating stainless steel bearings and a coated steel base for maximum durability. Hardware can be sold as a kit or individual components.
Travel Bag
All of our poles come with durable travel bags
Our Feather flags are currently printed on a polyester knit material. The flags can be either printed single reverse (Standard) or double-sided (2 flags stitched together with a liner in the middle)

Feather Flag, Banner Blade, Teardrop Flag Sizes

Sizes Banner Blade Tear Drop
Small- Overall 8′ 7′
Small- Flag Size 28″x84″ 30″x74″
Medium- Overall 11.5 10.5′
Medium- Flag Size 34″x124″ 44″x106″
Large- Overall 16.5′ 14′
Large- Flag size 42″x180″ 52″x140″

For more detailed information how to pick the correct Feather Flag, Banner Blade or Tear Drop Banner: Check out our blog post.