Banner Printing- Vinyl, Mesh and Fabric Banners

As our business name suggests- we are in the business of banner printing. There is a wide range of banner substrates, materials, and printing methods- all of which we do under one roof.  Custom printed banners are probably the most versatile marketing tool there is. Vinyl banners can be used anywhere and everywhere; they are often seen on buildings, handing from awnings, on overpasses, on fences and more.

There are no size limitations with our banners. We are able to print 16′ wide with no seam and the length is only limited by roll size. If a banner is wider than 16′ we weld or sews the banner pieces together in order to achieve the desired width. At Aurora Flags, our standard vinyl banner for printing is a 13 oz scrim vinyl. The scrim property prevents premature ripping due to the fibers that that woven in the vinyl banner material- the result is s strong banner that will last in the elements.

There are many different kinds of banner materials, all of which are great for different purposes. It is very important to know which material your banner is being printed on as the use of the wrong material will result in an inferior product

Custom Vinyl Banner Printing

  • At Aurora Flags and Banners we use a 13 oz scrim vinyl banner for most applications where the banner is being installed onto a hard surface. If your install surface is a building, a seacan or a wood-panel fence then this product works great
  •  This material can be printed in 16′ widths seamlessly.
  • Scrim property helps to prevent premature ripping and deterioration
  • All vinyl banners are printed with UV rated ink and on UV coated vinyl banners
  • Grommets every 24″ and hemmed edges are standard for all of our banners

Custom Mesh Banner Printing

  • Mesh banners are great for temporary fences, chain link fences, and construction fences
  • Often used in construction sites or real estate developments to market the project
  • Mesh property allows the wind to pass through and reduces the stress on the banner and the fence it is installed onto
  • Aurora Flags uses an 8 oz mesh vinyl banner with a 60/40 blow through. This is our standard mesh banner material. Different materials can be brought in depending on the job
  • All mesh banners are printed with UV rated ink and on UV coated vinyl banners
  • Grommets every 24″ and hemmed edges are standard for all of our banners

Double Sided Banner Printing

  • At Aurora Flags, we can print your banner double sided on either mesh banner or regular vinyl banner.
  • For the regular double sided banner we print on 18 oz blockout vinyl banner from ultraflexx
  • For the mesh double sided banner we print on 14 oz mesh blockout vinyl banner from ultraflexx

Large Format and Grande Format  Banner Printing

  • With Printing capabilities of 16′ wide, we are able to print large single-piece banners
  • For Banners that are larger than 16′ wide we weld or sew the banner pieces to achieve the output size