Commercial Aluminium Flagpoles

//Commercial Aluminium Flagpoles

Commercial Aluminium Flagpoles

Commercial Aluminium Flagpoles For Sale

Aluminium flagpoles are the most popular commercial flag poles for sale. Lightweight and high strength, aluminum flagpoles combine functionality with a classic brushed satin finish. Aluminium flagpoles are maintenance free, corrosion resistant, lightweight and low cost.

These industrial aluminum flag poles age gracefully and do not degrade like steel or wood poles. Our designs optimize the flagpole strength by correlating butt diameter to wall thickness and flag pole height. Aluminum poles can be custom manufactured to fit your purpose and size. Our poles come standard with an internal halyard system, your choice of ball top or cap top finial, tilt or fixes base and base cover.

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Commercial Aluminium Flagpoles For Sale

Our commercial aluminum flagpoles are manufactured by Ewing Flagpoles in Canada. The aluminum flag poles come in many different finishes, bases and other options. At Aurora Flags- we only offer internal halyard commercial flag poles. Below is a quick list of the most popular poles sold and the different base options. All of the below have a satin brushed finish by default, anodized and powder coated flagpoles are available by special request.

Size Base Halyard Butt
20′ fixed internal 4″
20′ tilt internal 4″
25′ fixed internal 4″
25′ tilt internal 4″
30′ fixed internal 4″
30′ tilt internal 4″
35′ fixed internal 5″
35′ tilt internal 5″
40′ fixed internal 6″
40′ tilt internal 6″

The aluminum flag pole is the most popular pole we sell- they can range for 20′ all the way to 80′. We also sell and install large “monster” flag poles that are 100′ and higher- please contact us for details. In order to obtain a quote, you will need to know: the size of flag pole you would like, the base type and the exterior finish. Ewing offers bronze and satin-brushed finishes.

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Aluminum Flag Poles have quickly become the industry standard due to the lightweight and high strength of the poles. Aluminum flag poles are built to last and are designed to have a  lifespan of over 25 years. Each flag pole is sold as a complete kit which includes the aluminum flagpole (1 piece), the base, anchor bolts, base shield, halyard, ball or cap topper and all clips needed to fly a flag. Please be aware that Ewing flagpoles ship from Ontario and that you should factor about 1 week for the pole to ship to your location.

Aluminum Flagpoles Installation

Install is easy with Aluminium flagpoles. The flag pole comes will everything you need except the concrete. In a nutshell, all that is required for install is for a hole to be augered and filled with concrete with the anchor bolts set in place according to the supplied template. Once the concrete sets you just stand the pole on top of the anchor bolts and install the flag

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Need a replacement part for a flagpole?
Aurora flags offers replacement parts for both Ewing and Formenta flag poles.