Formenta Commercial Fiberglass Flag poles

The best thing about Formenta Fiberglass poles are:

  • Tilt bases are a standard option
  • Internal Halyard with locking door is a standard option
  • Corrosion free and maintenance free
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Poles are slightly tapered to provide a  finished, sleek look
  • Easy to install
  • No need to repaint, fiberglass keeps its colour and does not oxidize or discolour like Steel or aluminum
  • Made in Sweeden

Formenta Commercial Fiberglass poles are available with an optional above ground fibercrete base. For more information on Formenta, please visit

Size Base Halyard Butt Diameter
20′ tilt internal  4.5″
25′ tilt internal  4.5″
30′ tilt internal  4.5″
35′ tilt internal  5.5″
40′ tilt internal  5.5″

Our friends at @burncolandscape using a pumper truck to help us with a flagpole install at @cntymile #yeg #yegliving #lifeinyeg #fiberglassflagpole ...