Telescopic Flag Pole- Commercial Aluminium

//Telescopic Flag Pole- Commercial Aluminium

Telescopic Flag Pole- Commercial Aluminium

Tele Pole Commercial Telescopic Flagpoles for Sale

With a pole base of 3 1/2” and a wall thickness of 10 gauge aluminum, this flagpole offers the durability of a commercial aluminum flagpole. This pole is great for industry and frequent lowering/ raising of flag pole. This pole is often used by oilfield companies for their modems and equipment as well as windsocks.

Superior 20 Foot Aluminum Telescoping Flagpole Features:

Locking Aluminum Ground Sleeve for Theft Protection • No small springs that rust, break and pop out • No accidental sectional collapsing • Highest Bending test/wind resistance • Extends from 6 1/2ft. to 20ft.


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3″ Anodized Ball • Rotating high-quality thermoplastic swivels, no binding rings for flying 2 flags simultaneously •An extra stopper ring to prevent the top flag from flying up and catching on pole topper • 50% Thicker Aluminum (10 Gauge) • 4 Stainless Steel Clips • All Stainless Steel Hardware • Complete Installation Instructions



-Telepole Superior II is Strongest Telescopic  Flagpole on the market with  10 Gauge thickness aluminum wall (others 16 gauge)
-15 Years warranty (including weather) honored through Aurora Flags and Banners
-Free for life plastic parts 5. An extra “Flag stopper ring” that prevents the top flag from sliding upwards when windy
– No more cheap PVC ground sleeves –We offer thick aluminum ground sleeves with locking capabilities
– Two extra notches at the base to stop the pole from rotating inside the ground sleeve 8. Diameter base from 2.4” to 3.5”
-Unique double button locking system (never drop accidentally)
-Made proudly in Pennsylvania, USA

This pole is manufactured by Telepole, for more information please see


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Commercial Aluminium Telescopic Flagpoles For Sale

The best features about our Commercial Telescopic Flagpoles for sale:

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Telescopic: Easy to change flag
  • 20’, 25′ or 30′ pole
  • Accommodates 2 flags, or 1 at half mast
  • The tensile (or bending strength) of 6013 aluminum equals or exceeds the strength of traditional steel*.
  • 15-year Manufacturer Warranty

Our dual-locking design of high-quality stainless-steel prevents any accidental dropping of the individual sections and flagpole damage that can occur with traditional spring loaded buttons and twist locks. In cold weather, flagpoles will not freeze, and will still be functional due to our special locking system unlike spring loaded and twist lock flagpoles.

Each section of the flagpole has been carefully extruded, cold stretched and reprocessed a second time for higher tensile strength. The tubes are Polished before anodizing or powder coated for a more beautiful, richer and smoother appearance.

For better operation, compatibility, strength, and beauty, we are offering the ONLY true 20′ telescoping Flagpole consisting of 5 sections instead of 4. For best results, we have changed the ground sleeve from plastic PVC pipe to an extra thick aluminum sleeve with locking capabilities.

Our commercial grade telescoping flagpole is the ultimate combination of design and strength and will be of service to you for many years to come.

This pole is manufactured by Telepole, for more information please see




The kit includes

  • 3″ Anodized Aluminum ball;
  • 3 Extra thick for maximum strength thermoplastic swivel rings, for a complete 360 degrees rotation of one or two flags;
  • 2 Extra rings to prevent the flag from binding and/or lifting and sliding upwards in strong winds.
  • 4 rust proof, stainless steel clips
  • extra thick aluminum ground sleeve
  • Simple and easy to follow installation instructions;

The 21’ residential flag pole adjusts to height increments of 9’6” up to 21’ and has 4 sections, with diameters of 1.75”, 2”, 2.25” and 2.5”. The multiple pole diameter sizes create a tapered pole look.

In addition to being a great product these  flag poles are sturdy enough to be used in construction sites and are often used to hold security cameras and windsocks on site.

Also available in 25’ and 30’ sizing by special request.

Installation Instructions

Materials and Tools Required For Installation
Not Supplied:
• 1-2, 40lb Bags of Cement (Standard or Quick Drying)
• Tape Measure or Yardstick
• Level
• 20lbs of Pea Rock or Gravel
• Container for Mixing Cement
• 1 Assistant(Optional)

1: Read the instructions carefully prior to installation and
verify that you have the materials and tools listed.
2: Select a good location for placing your flagpole, check
and make sure there are no power, water or gas lines above
or below ground.
3: Dig a hole 12″ in diameter and 28” deep depending on the
size of the flagpole, using the size of a typical post hole digger,
in firm or heavy soil. A large hole maybe necessary in loose or
sandy soil. Dig a 34” hole for a 30 foot flagpole.
4: Place the pea rock or gravel in the bottom of the hole and
level to a depth of approximately 4″. The pea rock or gravel
will help with drainage.
5: Install the long stop bolt in the ground sleeve and the nut
on the other side of the bolt. Tighten nut so that the bolt is not
clamping down too tight on the ground sleeve.
6: Place ground sleeve in the center of the hole and lay the
level on the ground across the hole next to the ground sleeve.
You should have 1″ of the ground sleeve above ground level.
If not remove ground sleeve and add or remove pea rock or
gravel as needed to obtain the 1″ measurement above the
ground level. (We have heard of folks that they have the top of
the ground sleeve on ground level so they can remove the
pole and go over it with their lawn mower).
7. Wedge 4-5 medium size rocks between the ground sleeve
and the side of the walls. This will further secure the ground
sleeve after the cement in the hole has dried.
8. Pour concrete into mixing container and then mix as
9: Have your assistant hold the flagpole in the center of the
hole and use the level to check the flagpole’s alignment. Now
pour the concrete into the hole and make sure that it will slide
through the rocks and all the way to the bottom of the hole.
Top of the cement will be approximately 2” below ground level.
Check two locations on the pole 90 degrees apart with the
level to insure the pole is level straight up and down. Allow
concrete to set before removing pole from the ground sleeve.
Cover the top(Hole) of the ground sleeve so no cement will
enter into the hole.
10: Let concrete harden according to the manufacturer’s
requirements. We recommend placing a warning flag or some
object by the ground sleeve. This will protect the ground
sleeve from being disturbed as well as eliminate the chances
of personal injury while the cement hardens.
11. Allow at least 24 hours for the cement to harden before
you can raise the flagpole at its highest position.

——Inserting the Pole into the Ground Sleeve——

Please do the following after you have cemented your
ground sleeve, and are ready to insert your flagpole into it.
1. Insert the pole into the sleeve.
2. There are two notches at the bottom of your
3. Line these notches up with the bolt that is inserted
through the ground sleeve.
These notches will eliminate any and all lateral motion of
the flagpole.
Don’t forget to screw the set screw into the ground sleeve
that came in your hardware package.
This set screw will further help to minimize any unwanted
Please use 1-2 drops of lock tight or silicone so that it will
prevent the set screw from vibrating loose.
Flag Stopper Ring
The flag stopper ring will prevent the flag from floating and
sliding upwards thus landing on top of the flagpole.
It will prevent your flags from getting caught and tear at
the event you fly an ornamental Eagle on the top of the
It will also help the flag to remain taut.
Note. Only one stopper ring is provided for this purpose).
* Extend the flag to the maximum length and secure the
flag stopper ring (with set screw) about a ½-1” above
the double ring.

———Flagpole Operation (Extending the Pole)———

Now that you have successfully installed your flagpole and
attached your flag(s) with the stainless steel clips, here is
how easy it is to operate it.
We have included a “Push Button Tool”( PBT), that will help
you push the buttons inwards with minimum effort plus
eliminate any accidental “pinching” of your fingers.
Simply straddle the buttons with the two ends of the tool
and squeeze inwards.
1. Begin by raising the smallest section of the flagpole.
Continue to extend the flagpole upwards until you
see the “T” markings on the aluminum tube.
This “T” marking is on same line as the very top screw that
secures the top ring.
It is also a warning line prior to locking the two sections.
Please see Image 1 to the left.
2. Line the “T” marking with the button hole and
slowly lift the individual aluminum section until you
see a second “T” mark that will alarm you that the
button(s) will pop out any second now, thus locking
the section into place. Be sure that two buttons
pop out straight across from each other in all
the sections

3. Repeat the same step by raising each individual
section accordingly and until your flagpole is fully
raised and locked in place. You may or may not
want to raise all sections and according to your

——Flagpole Operation (Collapsing the Pole)——–

1. To lower your flagpole down, please use the enclosed
Push Button Tool (PBT) provided. Please see Image 2 below.
2. You must use two hands when lowering your flagpole.
When releasing the buttons with the PBT, be sure to
use the second hand to guide the upper section
downwards. This will prevent it from slamming down and
causing damage to the inside of the pole!
3. Using the PBT, release the buttons and raise the upper
section lightly allowing the pole to slide down and rest in
the section below. Repeat the same procedure for each
section until your pole is completely retracted.