Custom Stick Flags

//Custom Stick Flags

Custom Stick Flags

Product Overview

Stick flags are great for tradeshows, conferences, events and more. Our Stick flags are made just like our regular custom flags- we use the same materials and inks. Depending on the size, stick flags are generally finished with a plastic or wooden dowel. For the smaller sizes, bases are available. Generally, Stick flags are all printed single/reverse and the edges are not finishing- rather they are hot cut. The flag is attached to the stick via a sleeve and with the help of a staple or some glue. The end product is an official looking custom printed stick flag!

We can print your stick flag double sided and with also sew on different finishing details like gold fringe

We also offer custom printed paper stick flags. Paper stick flags are great for events in which the flags are to be given away. Paper stick flags are printed on 110 lbs glossy paper and double sided. The flag is attached to a roll paper setter stick. These custom paper flags are economical and great for Cities, Towns or anyone celebrating a milestone or event. There is a minimum of 250 paper stick flags per order- As the quantities increase the cost comes down significantly



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Our custom stick flags are offered in three flag materials: Nylon, knitted polyester and paper. Paper stick flags are great for promotions and giveaways at events. nylon and polyester stick flags are often used at desktop flags for conferences and more official settings.

200 Denier Nylon Custom Stick Flags

A traditional flag material. Colours print vibrantly on nylon with a smooth finish. These flags are generally printed single/reverse.

Knitted Polyester (Polyknit) Custom Stick Flags *MOST POPULAR*

Ideal for quick turnaround times. These flags are often finished single reverse with a wooden dowel.
They make perfect keepsakes.

100lb  Double Sided Custom Glossy Paper Stick Flags

Great for giveaways and large quantities of flags. This is a traditional 100 lb glossy paper that is double-sided and attached to a rolled paper setter stick.

Paper Tyger (similar to tyvek) Canadian Flags

Great for giveaways and events.
These flags are often given out around Canada Day.
These flags are rip, weather and water resistant making them a superior paper option.

Common Stick Flag Sizes

  • 4″x6″  -Paper stick flag size
  • 6’x10″ – Desktop stick flags size
  • 12″x18″- Hand held stick flag size

Sizing and Finishing


Flag type                                  Finishing                           Common Sizes

Hand held stick flag Wooden dowel w/plastic top 6″x10’’ – 12’’x18’’
Paper hand held stick flag Tyvek staff 4’’x6’’ – 6’’x10’’


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