Fabric Tradeshow Podiums

//Fabric Tradeshow Podiums

Fabric Tradeshow Podiums

Fabric Trade Show Podiums

Fabric trade show podiums are essential for any complete trade show booth. The podiums are sturdy and offer you another space to display your branding or talk about your services. Trade Show Podiums are also a great place to spread out your promotion swag to give to potential clients.

The trade show podiums are made of stretch polyester fabric which is printed via die Simblimation. The fabric starts off white and we print your custom graphics onto the fabric. The polyester is wrinkle resistant, flame retardant and washable. The most advantageous feature of custom fabric podiums is the fact that they are easily transportable as the graphic can be folded and the stand comes apart


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How Can These Portable Podiums be Used in a Tradeshow Booth?

-Offer pamphlets, samples or spec sheets to prospective clients.
-Focus on examples of how your product or service can be used with marketing materials or take away contact information.
-Build brand identity with your logo and mission statement front and center.
-offer giveaways or snacks to tradeshow attendees

Cylinder Booth

Product Display Size Print Size Display Weight Material
Booth-Cyclinder 31.5x21x39 inches 94×39 inches 25lb Stretch Material

Bar Booth

Product Display Size Print Size Display Weight Material
Booth-Bar 94.5×39 inches 24×78.5 x39 inches 20lb Stretch Material


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