Fence Banners and Fence Wraps

//Fence Banners and Fence Wraps

Fence Banners and Fence Wraps

Custom Printed Fence Banners And Fence Wraps

Custom printed fence banners are a great way to convey your message or marketing. Also known as fence wraps, these special banners wrap around fences or seacans to create a new marketing space where there previously was just a plain old fence! Whether you’re looking to dress up your construction site or simply market on an existing fence on your site; fence banners are the perfect tool. Aurora Flags prints its fence banners on perforated/mesh vinyl banner, scrim vinyl banner as well we polyester scrim banner. We also offer installation services as well!

Fence banners are often used by real estate developers and marketers, construction companies and major events. Depending on your use, we have the perfect product for you:

Custom Printed Fence Banner for Temporary Fencing

When installing custom fence wraps on temporary construction fencing it is important to stick with the correct material for the purpose. If your fence allows for wind to pass through like temporary fencing or chain link fencing does; then mesh banner is your best option. If other products are used other than mesh banner- your banner will not last long and will deteriorate quickly. The custom printed mesh banners allow for the wind to pass through the perforations, thus reducing the movement of the banner and increasing the lifespan.  Mesh fence banners are often used on condo sites, construction sites and chain link fences

Custom Printed Fence Banner for Wood Panel Fencing and Seacans

When installing custom fence wraps on wood panel fencing the best product for the job is our custom printed scrim vinyl banner. Since the wind is already being blocked by the fence, the banner does not need to be perforated. The scrim banner has woven fibers within the vinyl material creating a strong product that can withstand the elements. These custom printed fence banners can be screwed directly to the fence through the provided grommets. Aurora Flags offers install services as well!

Custom Printed Fence Banner for Events and Temporary Application

Custom Printed polyester scrim banner is great for any short term application which requires large amount of custom banner printing. The polyester scrim banner is very inexpensive to produce and can be put up and taken down fast and easliy. The polyester scrim has a lifespan of about 2 months and thus it is the product of choice for short term applications like sporting events, galas and event promotion. These fence wraps are often used for marathons, bike races, sproting events and other applications which require large amount of banner printing for temporary application.

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Custom Printed Fence Banners, Fence Wraps and Seacan Banners

Custom Printed Fence Banners are Perfect for:

  • Real estate development fence wraps
  • Condo buildings
  • Construction fence wraps
  • Marathons and sporting event fence wraps
  • Cities and municipalities fence banners
  • Temporary store signs
  • Temporary leasing banners
  • Seacan Banners
  • Showhome banners

Fence Banners have no standard size or size limitations. Aurora Flags and Banners can print your banner to any size! With capabilities to print 16′ wide without a seam, we can create massive banners to cover your building or fence.  Once a banner goes over 16′ in with we wither weld or sew the panels together to achieve the full width
Fence Banners are most often finished with grommets every 24″. Fence banners are easily installed onto the fence with zip ties or screwing directly into the fence/ seacan.


  • 21 oz vinyl banner
  • 16 oz perforated vinyl banners
  • Knitted polyester
  • Polyester fence banner material