Provincial Flags

The Provincial Flags Standard Size For Most Poles Is 36”x72”

We Stock Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, PEI, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Nunavut, Northwest Territory and Yukon flags in 36″x72″ and 27″x 54″

Sizing Guide

Type of Application Size of Pole Standard Flag Sizes
Outdoor Commercial Flag Pole 20’ 27″x54″,36″x72″
25’ 36″x72,45″x90″
30’ 45″x90″,54″x108″
35’ 54″x108″,60″x120″
40’ 60″x120″,72″x144″
Indoor Flag Display 8’ 36″x60″, 36″x72″
Wall Angle Mounted 6’ 27″x54″
8’ 36″x60″, 36″x72″