Residential Telescopic Flag Poles

//Residential Telescopic Flag Poles

Residential Telescopic Flag Poles

Residential Telescopic Flag Poles

Ezpole Flagpoles Liberty Flagpole Kit, 21′

Our residential flag pole is the perfect solution for flying flags in your residential yard. Made from 16 gauge aircraft aluminum, it is sturdy, easy to install and lightweight. This flag pole is perfect for your cottage, your porch or to attach to your deck. Our residential flagpole can accommodate 2 flags simultaneously which makes it perfect for any camp or residence that wants to fly the national flag as well as a provincial or custom flag.

The Telecopic function allows to you raise or lower the flag and it allows you to fly the flags at half mast. These Flagpoles are installed into the ground with a ground sleeve (you can auger a hole and fill with concrete or gravel). The ground sleeve, ball topper, clips, swivels and all hardware is included in the flag pole kit. These flagpoles are the perfect birthday or father’s day gift for the patriotic dad!

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Residential Telescopic Flagpoles

Aurora Flags and banners carry’s EZ Pole’s Telescopic Flag Pole  (Liberty Model, 21′)

Anodized 16 gauge aircraft aluminum Anodized External Gold aluminum ball top Ground sleeve, Vertical & Flat bases availble 21’


FEATURES  In ground sleeve, virtually seamless pole sections


Installation Instructions

Tools and materials needed for concrete base install:

  • post hole digger or spade shovel
  • level
  • ruler or tape measure
  • 3 40# bag of quick setting concrete
  • 3/4 Gal. of gravel
  • mixing container


In-ground sleeve mount


  1. Select a clear flag and flagpole location (above and below ground). Check for underground sprinkler, water lines, electrical lines (call utilities if needed).
  2. Dig a 25″ hole with a tapered diameter, see diagram below.
  3. Put a 3″ of gravel under the base of the aluminum sleeve (allows for drainage).
  4. Place the plastic cap in the top of the aluminum sleeve (keeps the cement out).
  5. Place aluminum sleeve into the hole with a plastic cap on top (2″ sleeve should be above ground level).
  6. Mix bag of concrete and pour into the hole.
  7. Temporarily hold aluminum sleeve vertical fill in the hole with concrete to 1″ below ground level.

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