Roll Up Banners

Roll Up Banners

Custom Printed Roll Up Banners

Retractable roll up banners are a staple for any trade show or conference. Durable, convenient and easily portable; these banner systems make great marketing tools. Aurora offers two materials for retractable banners, traditional non-curl vinyl as well as a poplin fabric. Both the vinyl and fabric each has their advantages, to learn more about this please call or email a representative.

At Aurora, we carry both econo and premium roll up banner hardwares. The Econo roll up banner (which is the most popular) come sin in 1 size: 33.5″x78.5″. The premium roll up banners come in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The premium roll up banners can also be ordered with the option of a fabric graphic instead of vinyl.  Upon special request, we do bring in non-stock banner hardware on a by-project basis. All retractable banner kits come with a carrying case. We also are able to print new graphic inserts for your existing hardware. Call or email for details.

Being a Fabric printing company, Aurora Flags is able to offer fabric printed roll up banners as well. Fabric roll up banners oper ate the same as the tradtiional vinyl roll up banners, however they offer a poished look that is uncommon and thus attracts more attention. The Fabric graphic option is only offered on our premium retractable banners.

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Retractable Roll Up Banners

Retractable banners also known as roll up banners are perfect for trade shows and display signage.Our premium grade retractable banners are sure to make a lasting impression. Need a new graphic for your existing hardware? No problem! We can easily print replacement or alternate graphics for use at your next event.  Aurora Flags also prints fabric roll up banners as well. Our 300D polyester fabric works beautifully in our roll-up banners. It is durable and adds an element of sophistication to your display

Premium Roll Up Banners- Fabric or Vinyl Banner

Our Premium Banner retractable banner is available in four sizes. The premium banner stand is made out of heavy-duty duty hardware and is recommended where the hardware will be used regularly. It comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. The graphic is printed on a 10 oz grey-back non curl vinyl banner. This material is made for roll up banners so it does not curl and makes for a beautiful vivid print every time. Alternatively, we also offer roll up banners printed on our 300D polyester fabric. Fabric roll up banners look sleek  and offer a high-end look to your display.

Model Graphic Size Kit includes Template
Small  23.5”w x 83.25”h Carrying case, Premium Hardware, Vinyl or fabric graphic Small Template
 Medium   36”w x 83.25”h Carrying case, Premium Hardware, Vinyl or fabric graphic Medium Template
Large  47.25”w x 83.25”h Carrying case,  Premium Hardware, Vinyl or fabric graphic Large Template
X- Large 59”w x 83.25 Carrying case, Premium Hardware, Vinyl or fabric graphic X-Large Template

Economy Roll Up Banners- Vinyl Banner

The Econo retractable roll up banner is the most common roll up banner for sale. It is recommended for light trade show use and display purposed.
Total visible area for the econo roll up banner is 33.5”x78.5” which is the industry standard for roll up banners. The graphic for this retractable banner is printed on a 10 oz grey-back non curl vinyl banner as well. The Fabric graphic is not offered with the Econo roll up banners.

Model Graphic Size Kit includes Template
Econo Banner Stand Medium 33.5”x78.5” Carrying case, Premium Hardware, Vinyl Graphic Econo Template