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Roto Top Flags

Roto top Banners

Roto top flags are one of Aurora Flags best-selling products. We specialize in creating flags for real estate developers and home builders as well as Cities and Towns.

Roto top flags are great marketing tools as their large size allows for lots of colour and information to be displayed. They are also held open by the rotator hardware on the top of the pole which allows for the messaging to always be visible even when the wind is not blowing. Roto top flags can be mounted in the ground, on fence or signs. The flag can be easily changed and the hardware is very long lasting.

Depending on the use of the roto top flag, we wither print the flags on knitted polyester or 200D nylon. The most common size are 3’x7′, 3’x10′ and 3’x12′, with the 3’x10′ is the most common size by far. Roto top flags are almost always print single/reverse; that means the backside comes out as a reverse image and bleeds through about 80%.

Aurora Flags is committed to producing high-quality flags and banners and we are always improving our products and finding new ways to make things better. We now offer rounded corners on our roto top flags as we found, over our years of experience, that the bottom fly corner is the first corner to rip when a flag wears. By rounding this corner we reduce the weight on the corner and thus the flag lasts longer.

Perfect for

  • Real Estate Developers & Home Builders
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Large event promotion

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Roto Top flags – The Perfect Land Developer Tool

Popular with residential land developers, home builders, cities and large event promoters, roto top flags are highly visible and perfect for roadside marketing. This unique system consists of a rotating top and arm to keep your flag fully visible at all times.

Our Roto top flags (Also Known as Rotator Flags and Showhome Banners) Are Offered In Two Flag Materials

200 Denier Nylon
Our most popular material. It is perfect for outdoor use and it is a traditional flag material. Colours print vibrantly on nylon with a smooth finish.
Pairing nylon with screen printing creates banners that last.

Knitted Polyester (Polyknit)
Ideal for quick turnaround times. Knitted polyester has a looser weave than nylon.  Great for outdoor use.

Unique Marketing

Roto top banners are a great marketing tool due to their versatility. They are often put on top of signs, fences and directly in the ground. They are used to indicate the locations of show homes or generally branding a neighborhood. Popular with home builders and real estate developers, rotator flags are great for adding colour and attracting attention to an area.

Rotator flags are fully customizable and can be printed with no limitations. Aurora flags offers full-color digital print and screen printing options -which means we have the perfect printing process to ensure your banners are produced in an economic fashion.

Size Guide

Common Sizes

  • 3’x7’
  • 3’x10’
  • 3’x12’

Hardware and Installation

Required Hardware

We carry all required hardware for a successful rototop  installation.

You will need:

  • High Density plastic rotational top
  • Aluminum arm, 3’
  • Steel banner pole, 21’ or 24’We offer installation and removal services for rototop flags.