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Step and Repeat Displays

Give your event the red carpet treatment our step and repeat trade show display system is a great alternative to a traditional back wall or pop-up displays. The Step and Repeat includes a fabric graphic, all hardware and carrying case.  Step and Repeat banners are made of 300D polyester fabric- which is wrinkle resistant and flame retardant. The hardware used is collapsible, light-weight and easy to setup.

Step and Repeat backdrops are the perfect addition to any event, gala or grand opening. The displays are reusable and the hardware can be used for other graphics as well. Whether the Step and Repeat is being used for a grand opening or annual event- it is a product that can be reused and continuously updated.

We offer artwork setup on all of our step and repeat displays. Please contact for a quotation.

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Add That Extra WOW Factor To Your Event

Step and repeat backdrops are a great way to bring up the profile of your event. Our Step and Repeat banners are unique in the fact that they are exclusively printed on fabric rather than vinyl. Our 300D polyester fabric is wrinkle resistant, flame resistant and does not reflect light; this means that your guests’ photos will not have annoying reflections from the camera flash. These backdrops are sublimation printed which allows for unlimited colours so there are no limitations to your graphics.

The hardware that the Step and Repeat Display comes with is a robust, lightweight telescoping pole system. It can easily be set up with 1 person in about 10 minutes. The hardware telescopes down to fit into a 45″x6″x6″ soft carrying bag. The fabric graphic can also be folded (unlike a vinyl banner) which makes this system extremely portable, lightweight and user friendly

Why Choose Fabric For Your Display?

Vinyl Banner

  • Cannot be folded without creasing. This means you need to be lugging around an 8′ roll of vinyl for your 8’x8′ backdrop display!
  • Reflects the flash from cameras. This means that your photos will have that annoying “camera flash” starburst on them
  • At 10 or even 13 oz weights, the vinyl banner at the 8’x8′ size can get heavy and cause the backdrop frame to “droop”

300D Polyester Fabric

  • Wrinkle-resistant and foldable. This property is amazing as is make creases less visible when you unfold the backdrop
  • Flame resistant. A “Must have” for many tradeshow venues. When ordering, be sure to ask our reps to sew on a “flame resistant” tag onto your backdrop.
  • Lightweight. The backdrop itself weights 1.5 kg. This makes the system easy to transport and to set up
  • Double sided printing and “blockout” fabrics are available


Telescoping step and repeat hardware

The lightweight Step and Repeat hardware are easy to set up and transport. The telescopic legs and horizontal members come apart so that it can all be fit into a small carrying bag (48″x6″x6″) and transported easily. The frame for the 8’x10′ step and repeat has a vertical bar in the middle to prevent the display from sagging


Template for 8’x8′
Template for 8’x10′

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