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Street Pole Banners

Street pole banners, sometimes called street pole flags or avenue banners, are often used by cities and municipalities as well as real estate developers and post-secondary institutions to brand and brighten up street scapes.

At Aurora Flags and Banners, one of our specialities is street pole banners. Whether you’re a municipality, developer or event that is looking for event awareness- we have the right product for you. Aurora Flags offers design, printing, and installation of street banners on multiple materials and offers a large selection of banner bracket hardware.


Street Banner Programs for Cities and Towns

Aurora Flags and Banners offers 4 different materials for Street Pole Banners: 18 oz blockout vinyl, 14 oz mesh blockout vinyl, 200D nylon and Subrella. Each material has it’s own unique advantage and excels in certain areas.  Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your project and which material would suit your needs most.  Our staff has a wealth of experience on street banner programs including best practices on seasonal banner changes, the initial street banner installation, types of brackets to use and their respective advantages, guidelines for public design competitions and the subsequent digitizing of “hand drawn” or “painted” artwork. There is a lot that goes into creating a successful and cost-effective street banner program – we’re here to help! Want more information? See our blog on choosing the right street banner material

Street Banner Materials

Vinyl Street Banners- 18 oz blockout

Vinyl Street Banners
  • Vinyl is the most popular choice for street banners. Vinyl offers a long-lasting product without having to compromise on the artwork design as it is digitally printed and there are no colour/design limitations.
  • We print our vinyl street banners exclusively on 18 oz blockout vinyl banner from ultraflex.This material is specifically made for street banners and is designed to be outside in the harsh Canadian Climate. The blockout property prevents shadowing of the printed graphic onto the other side of the banner- this property makes it the ideal substrate for double-sided banner printing.
  • For the vinyl street banners, we generally like to keep the size under 30″x72″. The reason is that the wind does not pass through this material and if the banner is made too large it will act like a sail and cause stress on the banner, the banner bracket and the lamppost.
  • All of our vinyl street banners are digitally printed on UV coated vinyl with UV rated inks

Mesh Vinyl Street Banners- 14oz blockout Mesh

  • Mesh vinyl our second most popular choice for street banners. Aurora Flags generally encourages the use of the 14 oz blockout mesh when the banners are going in a particularly windy area or the banner is quite large. The mesh property of the banner allows the wind to pass through, thus reducing the stress on the banner, the hardware and the lamposts. We often use these street banners in windy mountain towns, on marinas or docks as well as over-sized banners
  • Mesh vinyl offers a long-lasting product without having to compromise on the artwork design as it is digitally printed and there are no colour/design limitations.
  • For our mesh street pole banners, we only print on ultraflex’s 14 oz mesh blockout vinyl banner.The blockout property prevents image shadowing onto the other side of the banner. All of our mesh vinyl street banners are digitally printed on UV coated vinyl with UV rated inks
  • One thing to keep in mind is that since this is a mesh product, there is an element of “perceived” transparency. The mesh is vinyl fibres are woven and thus there are void spaces that create the mesh property- no ink is printed onto the void space and thus the banner may be a bit see-through when viewed at certain angles.

Nylon Street Banners

  • Nylon street pole banners are great for short-term applications. Nylon, when stationary fades faster than vinyl and thus it should only be used for shorter term applications  (less than 1 year)
  • Nylon street banners are usually printed single/reverse
  • Nylon lamp post banners look beautiful in sunlight as the light makes the printed graphic “pop”
  • Nylon is a less expensive alternative to vinyl street banners when printing in large runs
  • All of our nylon street banners are digitally acid die printed on UV coated 200D nylon with UV rated inks

Sunbrella Street Banners

Sunbrella Street banner
  • Great for very long-term use  (4+ years)
  • Can only be screen printed, so there are colour and size limitations
  • Takes a long time for production
  • Can get quite expensive

Street Banner Hardware

Junior Windspill Banner Bracket

The Junior Windspill Banner bracket is our most popular bracket system. It is made of a die-cast aluminium bracket and has a 30″ fibreglass arm. It can accommodate a 30″ wide banner, is fully adjustable and can be used with a pole with a diameter larger than 1.5″. Please see the Jr Windspill product page for more information

Jr Windspill Information Sheet

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New banners for the Garneau tennis and volleyball club. Designed and printed by Aurora Flags. The city arts banners are designed by COE #streetbanner #yeg ...

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These Mockups for Fredericton Junction's new street banners are on the right track!
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Street Pole Banner Info Sheet
Template for 2’x5′
Jr Windspill Bracket Info Sheet

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