Wall and Window Graphics

//Wall and Window Graphics

Wall and Window Graphics

Wall and Window Graphics

Vinyl wall and window graphics are a  fantastic way of making use of vacant space. Whether you’re trying to brighten up an area, or utilize a high traffic area for advertising, wall and window graphics are the perfect medium to convey a message.

Often used to supplement signage in retail settings, window graphics not only advertise for you but also provide privacy by being opaque to outside viewers.

Window graphics are done on perforated vinyl, clear vinyl or opaque vinyl. Each one of these materials offers different properties and are used based on the look you would like to achieve. Perforated vinyl does not allow outsiders to see in, but allows insiders to see out. Opaque blocks views from both directions. Clear Vinyl offers some privacy depending on the graphic that’s printed

Looking for smaller custom vinyl decals? We can do that too.

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 Our Vinyl wall and window graphics are digitally printed on a wide variety of media, we can print and install permanent (5+ years), temporary, and even textured graphics. Both window and wall graphics and fully customizable and can be installed in almost any place. Great for car and company decals too!

Aurora Flags and Banners prints on clear vinyl, perforated and opaque vinyl for window graphics. No project is too complicated!

Note: Due to the nature of vinyl at cold temperatures, We are unable to install window graphics in winter. For best results, temperatures should be above 10 degrees- this allows the adhesive to stick properly.

Window graphics Are Perfect For

  • Leasing or vacant spaces
  • Store front Windows
  • Privacy Screens
  • Dental and Doctor’s offices




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