X-Frame Banners

X-Frame Banners

Custom X Frame Banners

Need a banner FAST or on a budget? These X frame banners are the perfect lightweight economic alternative to our best-selling roll up banners. Ultra portable X frame banners include a carrying case and setup only takes about 1 minute. Your custom banner is attached to the X Frame via grommets in each corner

Looking for the Ultimate light weight traveling display? Try a Custom Fabric X Frame Banner! Not only does Aurora Flags offer the X Frame banner stand with a traditional vinyl banner graphic but also with a custom fabric graphic. There are advantages to each material: names the turnaround time, price point, durability and ease of transport.  The vinyl banner that we use for the X Frame is a 10 oz grey back non curl vinyl banner and the fabric we use for the X frame banner is a 300D polyester or Drape Knit fabric which is also fire and wrinkle resistant. Contact a representative to find out more about the different options for banner printing for your X Frame banner.

Depending on client needs, we can offer a multitude of sizes and qualities of X Frame Hardware. We can also print a new banner for your existing hardware.


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Custom X Frame Banners- Quick Specifications

  • Graphic size: 32″x72″
  • Material: Non Curl vinyl
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Finishing: One grommet in each corner
  • Price includes: X hardware, carrying case and printing

X Frame Banners Are Great For

  • Tradeshows
  • Events
  • Farmers markets
  • When fast and Easy Set up is imperative
  • When a budget banner solution is required